We know first-hand about the stress that can be associated with both domestic and international employment. Having gone through the various processes many times, you can trust our expertise.


When it comes to your livelihood, you are in great hands with Ambacia. We are more than happy to adjust our approaches to help you reach a satisfactory solution – and we won’t rest until we do.


From start to finish, we are available and responsive at all stages of the immigration and employment processes, ensuring a timely and thorough hiring experience.


Are you a local company looking to hire an employee from abroad, or a foreign company wanting to add some Croats to your team? We believe the world can always benefit from a little more professional diversity, so we offer a wide array of immigration employment services.

No matter what your situation is, we have the expertise and the patience to handle all of the ins and outs that can accompany international employment. Acting as a liaison between the employer, employee and all relevant legal bodies, we take care of everything.

Employment Services

Whether you need a new hire for a predetermined contract or an indefinite, open-ended period of time, Ambacia’s employment services make selecting a winning employee from Croatia or anywhere in the EU a breeze.

From payroll and HR administration services to offering advice on compensation and legal complexities, and all of those little steps in between, you will never again think twice about hiring abroad. Welcome to a whole new world of talent!

Employee Services

International HR Support

HR can be time-consuming – which is why we offer full-service HR support to all of our partners, both foreign and local, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Payroll Administration Services

Our staff will ensure that all foreign and local employees are paid safely and securely, as well as handle employer/employee tax, withholding tax, residency permits and more.

Employer of Record Services

As the employer of record, Ambacia represents foreign employers on a local scale, by promoting, endorsing and filling the role here in Croatia.


If you are coming to Croatia as a digital nomad, we take care of your nomad visa so that you can not only work freely, but travel and enjoy the country without any extra paperwork or problems along the way.

Working Permit Process

Whether an employee needs a working permit for 90 days or up to a year, we are happy to assist with issuing and renewing permits as required, and take care of all the admin along the way.

International Cooperation

When you work with Ambacia, we will act as the local representatives of international agencies that offer similar services on a global scale, ensuring cooperation at every stage.

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