Tailor made for our clients as well as our candidates, our consulting services consist of sharing our internal expertise and knowledge of the IT industry in the region to help you prosper.
Whether you’re a candidate or a client, pick and choose from the solutions below to get the best understanding of the talent market, specific legislation, or how to boost your career.

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Joining our recruitment webinars is a fantastic opportunity to expand your company’s knowledge, connect with industry experts, and fine-tune your recruitment strategies

It’s a simple and efficient way to learn about this thriving region, position your company strategically, and make informed recruitment decisions.


Make smart decisions and come up with effective strategies to attract and retain amazing IT talent. It’s all about finding out what’s going on in the market and how to stay ahead of the competition!

Let us be your helping hand to uncover valuable info about talent availability, industry trends, what your competitors are up to, and which candidates you want. Equipped with this knowledge, you can make smarter decisions, come up with recruitment strategies and beat the competition in attracting and keeping awesome IT talent.


Calling all foreign companies looking to expand into Croatia!
Get the inside scoop on opening a business, navigating taxes, and understanding the legal system in Croatia. Our sessions are packed with insider tips and expert advice, making it easy for you to weigh the pros and cons of establishing a presence in Croatia versus outsourcing services and hiring local staff.

We are seasoned professionals who will share our vast knowledge and help you make the right decisions. And don’t worry, tax and legal webinars don’t need to be the usual boring sessions. Our experts guarantee an engaging and easy-to-understand experience that is informative and enjoyable.


We are here to help you navigate the professional jungle and reach those lofty career goals as an individual or as a team!

It’s like having a personal cheerleader but with a bunch of awesome strategies and expertise thrown in. Our experienced coaches are here to guide you, support you and unleash your inner career rock star.

…individual coaching?

It’s a dynamic and collaborative partnership where a trained coach works side by side with you to accomplish your goals and unleash your greatest potential. They’re like the ultimate sidekicks, providing guidance and all the support you need to explore your strengths, skills, and goals in your personal and professional life. Get ready to soar to new heights of career success!

…team coaching?

We bring teams together to achieve more!
Instead of just focusing on individual growth, team coaching focuses on the success of the entire team. It’s like assembling the superheroes of productivity. We’ll help your team unlock their full potential and enhance performance while encouraging communication, teamwork and trust.

Together, we’ll work smarter, leverage our strengths and smash our shared objectives, making your organization unstoppable. Let’s unleash the power of teamwork and have some epic wins!


Raise your chances of landing great software development opportunities with our CV preparation service. We’ll help you create a first-class CV that showcases your technical skills, projects, and achievements.

Our team of expert writers will work closely with you, taking your experience into account, career goals and specific requirements. Together, we’ll make sure your CV stands out from the crowd and truly reflects your professional identity.