A Winning Team

At Ambacia, our team’s infallible knowledge and networks within the Croatian IT industry is what drives us every day. We are evolving as quickly as the industry itself, in order to serve our clients and candidates as effectively as possible.


From the moment we wake up to the minute we go to sleep (that is, if we do sleep), we have IT on the brain! Our passion and expertise for the industry make us a reliable recruitment partner.


Our team is not only comprised of some truly out-of-the-box thinkers, but we have the industry know-how and experience to back all of our professional decisions up with confidence.


There is nothing we love more than meeting new faces in the industry, connecting with our peers and exchanging ideas that remind us why we do what we do – and how to do it even better.


We bring a personalized approach to every client and candidate that walks through our door, because every recruitment experience should be as unique as an IP address.

Back to Our Roots

What’s in a name? Our company and Salamander emblem comes from the small French city, Amboise, where our founder, Ludovic, is originally from. Salamanders traditionally represent vision, opportunity and the ability to rise to the occasion and flourish amidst adversity – sounds just like us!

Ambacia was founded in 2009 with the intent on providing a truly memorable experience to our clients and candidates alike, while putting a new spin on traditional IT recruitment. Like our four-legged friend, we never back down from a challenge.

Why We Love Our Jobs

We are driven by our collective interest in the IT market, expanding technologies and the exciting changes the IT recruitment world is seeing every day. Our jobs give us the chance to connect with people who share our vision and allow us to help them fulfill theirs.

We have found our professional family here at Ambacia, and we couldn’t imagine it any other way – that’s why we are driven to helping you find a team that is just as exceptional.

Our Team


Meet Ante, the world’s best Sales Manager! He’s originally from Canada, and like any good Canadian, he loves hockey! He also happens to be one of the most optimistic and hilarious people we’ve ever met. With a strong background in recruitment, sales, and research, he brings over five years of experience to the table. Speaking of tables, one can typically find Ante perusing the many outdoor patios of Zagreb, sipping coffee, and discussing upcoming projects with his clients.


Dijana is our Talent Acquisition Manager and queen of the Ambacia office. She comes with her dog Bianca, who has quickly become Ambacia’s favorite sidekick. In true leadership fashion, Dijana is passionate about connecting with inspirational people and having the entire IT market in the palm of her (and Bianca’s) hand. In her rare downtime, she can be found eating cevapi on the couch. She loves agency recruitment just as much as the Backstreet Boys (well… almost).


Introducing Martin, resident musician and book-worm. Martin is both our Head of Marketing and an amazing Talent Acquisition Specialist. When he’s not busy preaching the Ambacia gospel and making valuable professional connections across the globe, he can be found reading, gaming or insisting his music taste is better than everyone else’s. Let’s be honest…it probably is.


Meet Ariana, one of our recruiters as well as a psychologist in education, on her way to becoming a therapist. When she's not studying or working, she can be found cuddling with her cat, Ginger (who may or may not make surprise appearances on company calls). Ariana is also a talented singer, although she has never pursued it professionally. A treasure trove of empathy and kindness, she's a shining light that always finds a way to bring positivity and enthusiasm to the team and keeps the company morale high.


Meet our resident psychology guru and purveyor of all things delicious, Ena! Armed with not one, but two diplomas, she's a master of the mind and a recruiting shark. Hailing from the heartland of Slavonia, we can always count on her to have a fresh batch of homemade kulen, which inevitably disappears faster than you can say "hvala". And while she may not be a master chef, she's the one in the know about the best sweets in Zagreb, which keeps our offices perpetually smelling like hazelnuts. With her winning smile and wicked sense of humor, Ena gives every candidate the treatment they deserve.