Frequently asked questions

It’s very important for us to provide you with transparent and comprehensive information.
With that in mind, we created our FAQ section as a source for all your questions, whether you are an employee, a client, or a candidate.
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What sectors industries do we recruit for?
We are specialized in IT therefore a strong portion of our client base are IT companies ranging from startups to well established companies. We also work with companies in pharma, telco, FMCG, etc., with IT departments who also benefit from our expertise.
Yes! Although based in Croatia we have a strong network in the entire region including Slovenia, Serbia, BiH, Macedonia.
Startups, corporations, agencies, local companies, etc. A strong portion of our client base are international companies looking to open offices in Croatia.
Should a candidate quit or be let go within 6 months of starting date with the client, Ambacia ensures to offer an additional short list of suitable candidates as replacements, free of charge.
Yes! No search parallel to ours should be taken for the positions we are working on by both agency and client. We find this model benefits all parties involved.
Mixed model. We required a retainer at the start of a search. The rest of the fee is based on a success fee and is invoiced upon successful placement of a candidate.

Strong network of candidates, dedicated recruiters who approach candidates with opportunities directly, fast and efficient, cheaper, market intelligence, specialized in IT.

Our focus is direct approach, but we can post job ads on our website and LinkedIn if requested by you, the client.
We offer both technical and psychological assessment, by ourselves or through our partners.

FOR Candidates

What is your agency's expertise in IT recruitment?
We pride ourselves with recruiters who have extensive experience in IT recruitment, strong understanding of tech related domain and business domain.
You can contact us through our web form or contact one of our recruiters directly through LinkedIn.
Engineering and business roles within IT industry, with a focus on software developers with various backgrounds and technical skillsets.
Since our focus is direct approach to candidates, we rarely post our job listings publicly, but you can always contact us directly and we’ll be happy to inform you about current opportunities.
Yes, we have a CV preparation and a Coaching service for candidates to help them prepare for job hunt, interviews or general career change.
Depends on the client’s requirements, and candidate’s availability, but usually a week on our side.
We work with startups, mid sized companies and enterprizes with a focus on IT industry. Also, we work with non-IT companies that have IT departments in their organizational structure and have needs in that department.
Criteria is set by the client, but other than the technical skillset, we also evaluate candidate’s cultural fit to the client’s company.
For candidates, no. Recruitment service is free of charge for candidates.

Staying updated on new IT job opportunities requires a proactive approach. You can utilize popular job search websites like LinkedIn, or more local ones like MojPosao. Create profiles, set up job alerts, and regularly check for new IT job postings. Visit the career pages of companies you’re interested in. Many organizations post job openings on their websites before listing them on job boards.
You can also always contact us at Ambacia, they often have access to job openings that may not be publicly advertised.

Yes, but our recruiters will consult with you and advise you on which position suits you best based on your experience and personality.
You can expect a very relaxed conversation about your experience, career aspirations and expectations, as if you are sipping coffee with a friend in a local Caffee.
Of course! We do a regular follow-up to see if you’re settling in okay and if our client is keeping you happy. We are always on disposal to our candidates for any kind of support and guidance.
Sure! We will keep you in our database and reach out to you as soon as we’ll have an opportunity for you.
Organizations must comply with data protection laws and regulations specific to their jurisdiction, and so do we. In our case, there is GDPR. We have policies in place to limit how long we retain your data which minimizes the risk associated with holding data for extended periods. You can also ask us to delete your data at any time, no questions asked. Our strong confidentiality clauses also forbid our clients to share any of your personal data with third parties.



If we employ an individual in your country via EOR, who is the employer? To whom does the employee report?

The official legal employer is AMBACIA, your Local Employment Partner (LEP). AMBACIA will be responsible and in charge of paying the employee’s salary and mandatory contributions, to comply with and to adapt to changes of the local employment regulations.
You remain the employer from the function point of you: all requirements and delivery expectations linked with the role are settled, assessed and review by you with the employee. (non) performances are measured by you.

Your obligation is to provide the employee with clear instructions related to the job’s objectives, delivery objectives and reward schemes. The obvious obligation is to ensure the LEP to pay on time the employee’s salary and contributions.
AMBACIA must comply with the local regulations and cover all the required payments on time for the employee. AMBACIA must follow the changes and inform either the employee or you about legal and administrative changes, what might have some organisational or financial consequences in the working relationship.
As long as the benefits and regulations of the collective agreements are not in conflict with the local regulations, they can be applied, especially in terms of financial compensations. Of course, local contributions might apply.
If the employee is a resident in Croatia, he/she cannot receive part of the salary by you in one country and part of the salary in Croatia. Because double taxation of income will apply in Croatia.

For Employees

Do I have a right to paid leave?
Yes, during the calendar year, the worker has the right to exemption from the obligation to work with salary compensation (paid leave) for important personal needs (marriage, birth of a child, serious illness or death of an immediate family member, etc.). An employee shall be entitled to leave referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article for a total duration of seven working days per year unless otherwise regulated by a collective agreement, labor regulations, or employment contract.
You can transfer all unused vacation days from the previous year but you can only use them until June 30 in the following (next) year.
Yes, you need to provide an invoice. Most of our clients reimburse costs related to work. Upon receiving the invoice, we will transfer business expenses to your bank account.
No, we will always pay you 100% of your salary during the sick leave. We care about you in times of need.
We got you here, you can expect your salary on time, every 1st working day in the month.