We love getting to know you and understand exactly what you need. With that knowledge, we'll create an amazing match and build a long-lasting partnership. Our primary goal is to make sure that new hires and your current team blend seamlessly.
Even more, we've got your back throughout the entire recruitment process. We'll use our magic to attract and bring in top-notch candidates for your organization, assist with interviews, and make sure you hire the perfect fit.

How We Add value

  • 01 Full access to our Senior Recruiters who have worked in the IT industry for over a decade.
  • 02 Use of our extensive network, industry connections, and local market knowledge.
  • 03 Securing a quick match with skilled professionals using our multiple industry-leading channels.
  • 04 Recruitment for all levels and types of jobs – no job opportunity is too small or too big. 

Our recruitment services

IT Recruitment

Recruit top IT talent effortlessly with our recruitment specialists’ flexible, agile and proactive recruitment approach. No more hassle, just success.

Regional Recruitment

We match Croatian and foreign companies with candidates from the region by finding and assessing candidates, as well as helping with relocation or remote onboarding.

Executive recruitment

With our unbeatable straightforward approach to executive IT recruitment search, we help candidates and clients conquer high-level IT & Technology job goals.

Internal recruitment

In need of dedicated internal recruitment support? 
With our professionals, you can skip the worry of hiring a full-time expert and dodge the potential pitfalls of the hiring process. You get our experienced experts, extra support, the best tools and ultimate flexibility.